Can steel furniture be a thing in 2020?

If you’re one of those people who think about the word “Durable” when you think of furniture, then yes, steel or more appropriately, stainless steel is the one that best suits your priority criteria.

Steel is a very strong, iron based alloy and is mostly preferred for its strength and corrosion resistant nature in almost all industries including the furniture industry.

From the various kinds of steels that we have however, stainless steel which is a minimum 10.5% chromium alloy is the most prominently used in furniture making since it is has a very high resistance to corrosion and other environmental factors which also includes acid rain.

Generally though, stainless steel furniture is best suited as a material for outdoor furniture specifically for garden furniture and open restaurants and penthouse for obvious direct connection with environmental factors which are controlled inside any building.

For instance, the steel swing is an evergreen piece of furniture that has been with us since ages and are a very crucial and entertaining part of decor of any place.

But the use is not limited to outdoors, stainless steel is used as a basic material in variety of office furniture, mostly the chairs to increase the life of a chair the center tables and cafeteria seating, modular kitchens for its non-sticky, easy cleansing property.

Well, to think of indoor furniture made from stainless steel is kind of a dream come true for me because I have always imagined myself having a curvaceous, stylishly light and attractive designed with creepers and flowers bed having four poles to give it a fairytale feel.

Stainless steel in dining room is one that doesn’t go out of fashion ever. I can’t stress enough on stainless steel non-sticky and easy cleansing property which is a very very important feature for any dining furniture.

Steel furniture has its own charm, it gives a vintage feel to the whole vibe of the house. The praise is not enough and neither is there a limit to what can be made from a steel because believe it or not, apparently almost all furniture can be made from steel.

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