Different types of Beds

A bed is one of the most used and most important piece of furniture in an Indian house. Beds comes in different designs and sizes. Beds are generally categorized in terms of their size- King size bed, Queen size bed, Double bed, single bed. Though, people from different walks of life, also like to distinguish beds in terms of their place of usage- Home bed, Hotel bed, Hostel bed etc. We’ll see what these terms mean in this article.

4 different types of beds by size :

  • King Bed: King bed is usually the biggest bed present in the market. It is usually of length- 80 inches and 76 inches wide. King bed is used in homes, or hotels. King beds are biggest in size and give the perception of luxury wherever it is used.
  • Queen Bed: Queen bed is the second biggest bed in the market. It generally comes in size- length 80 inches and width- 60 inches which in feet means 5 feet by width and 8 2/3 by length. Queen bed is also used widely in homes and hotels. Queen bed is a definition of luxury just like King bed.
  • Double Bed: Double bed is smaller than a queen bed. Double bed is also called as full bed. Size of a double bed is 75 inches by length and 53 inches by width or by feet- 6 ¼ feet by length and 4 ½ feet by width. Double beds are generally used in homes.
  • Single Bed: Single bed comes in customizable sizes but a standard size of single bed by  is 75 inches by length and 36 inches by width or 6 feet and 3 inches by length and 3 feet by width. Single beds are for a single person use and are widely used in homes.

4 types of different beds by usage:

  • Home bed: Any bed used in a home is called a home bed. A home bed can be single bed, double bed, queen bed or king bed. Perfect bed for your home depends on the usage and the number of the people who will use the bed. Home beds can be standard beds or beds with storage. Storage home beds are very useful for bedding storage in any home.

  • Hotel Bed: Any bed used in a hotel can be called a hotel bed. Depending on the hotel room requirements, different beds are used. For a suite king beds are used, for a standard hotel room queen beds are used. Well, in some family rooms, a queen and a single beds are used.
  • Hostel Bed: Hostel beds are generally single beds of standard sizes mentioned above. Hostel beds can be made from metal material or wood for long term use. Hostel beds can be bunk beds or single beds depending on the kind of hostel one aims to build.
  • Bunk Beds: Bunk beds are 2 or 3 tier beds used for children in a home where 2 or 3 children can sleep at one time comfortably. Bunk beds are generally made from metal material or wood for sturdiness. Bunk beds are used in hostels, homes and boarding schools for children.
  • Sofa cum bed: Sofa cum beds are convertible bed and sofa in turn. They can serve as a seating at one time and as a bed for lying at other time. Sofa cum bed are a perfect solution of small space functional furniture. Sofa cum beds are a trending functional furniture in the market for everyone.

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