How should my cafeteria look?

India caught the trend of cafeteria long ago, from small towns to big cities you see cafeterias everywhere. Yes, technically, those small breakfast counters restaurants you see on streets come under the category of cafeteria too. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s what Google’s definition of a cafeteria is- “cafeteria look is a kind of restaurant in which customers serve themselves from a counter and pay before eating”.

And if you’re the one about to enter this league or are already one who owns one of the thousands of cafeterias out there, then you must have some very basic questions in minds like “how should my cafeteria look”, “how should the interiors of my cafeteria be to attract more customer” or “how to give a touch to my cafeteria so my lost customers come back to my cafeteria”.

Such questions are normal in the times when the competition is just too harsh and customers are no longer loyal.

So what is that one thing besides your food, even sometimes the number one criteria of customers choosing a particular cafeteria? Well, you must have guessed it, it is how the place looks and how welcome an individual feels in a cafeteria.

With the cut throat competition in the market, here’s what you should remember while giving interior to your cafeteria.

Understand your offering and align the interiors to it.

Now quite understandably, you won’t give your cafeteria look a premium interior if your offering is not premium.

Premium offering is simply one that sells at least 20% higher price in the market than its other counterparts in the same segment.

And if you do stand to charge premium on your products, then your cafeteria should reflect that in its interior, in the feel it gives to a new comer or a regular customer.   For premium cafeteria, having your seating of color code that goes along with the packaging of your brand is essential. Also the walls of your cafeteria should lighten up the mood of your customers. Considering thematic paintings or frames is a nice way to do that. You can now imagine how Dunkin donuts or Cafe Coffee Days align their interiors matching to their packaging.

Contemporary cafeteria seating:

Consider this kind of interior if you want that young vibe to your cafeteria and aim to represent and attract youth. This is especially suited to fast food corners. Funky, colored plastic or chairs and complementing tables are a good way to go forward.

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