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9 Types of Workstation Chairs

Working is an integral part of our lives. We spent quite long hours sitting on our workstation chairs or office chairs, putting our creativity at work sometimes for ourselves, sometimes for others. Workstations have become second home for many of us. In the rustle and bustle of earning and spending, we often forget to take care of the most crucial- our health. Working for more hours is not a problem if good care is taken of maintaining the health at the same time. Well, here comes the most important element of a workstation, the workstation chair. There is no denying that a good workstation doesn’t only increase productivity but also uplifts the mood of a person sitting.

There are various different kinds of office chairs that are available in the market and many are called by different names- leather office chair, workstation chair, Computer chair, Low back chair, Director chair, Executive chair, office visitor chair, Mesh chair, office revolving chair, ergonomic chair, drafting chair etc. Therefore, we will see the importance of a good workstation chair and different kinds of workstation chairs for you to pick the best suitable workstation chair for your workstation.

Ergonomic Workstation Chair

These are workstation chairs specially designed so you can sit and work for long hours without affecting your spine or neck. These chairs are made on order and available readymade in the market. There are various specifications that are covered for a workstation to be called Ergonomic Workstation chair like lumbar support, swivel, armrest adjustment, seat adjustment back and forth, height adjustment, headrest adjustment etc. These chairs are a little high on budget but are totally worth for their benefits in the long run. They are optimized specifically to prevent back pains, bad postures, shoulder pain, blood circulation. Quite normally, there are chairs in market which are built with few ergonomic features which are used most often, hence blurring the line between ergonomic chairs and other office chairs.

See article “How to select the right Ergonomic Chair for your office?” to know more about Ergonomic Workstation chairs.

Drafting Workstation Chairs

Drafting Workstation Chairs

Just as we may have to sit for long hours, we may also have to stand for long hours which again affects are health in many ways. Drafting workstation chairs are a perfect solution to deal with this problem. Drafting chairs are made for drafting workstations and standing desks. These drafting workstation chairs can be adjusted in height as per the height of the standing table so you can sit at any height allowed by the drafting workstation chair. There are many different kinds of drafting workstation chairs depending on the ergonomics. These chairs can be found to be a little on the higher side of the budget depending on the available features of an ergonomic workstation chair and the height adjustment.

Executive Office Workstation Chair

Executive Office Workstation Chair

Executive office chairs are one of the most impactful chairs of all. As the name suggests, they are made to look the most opulent and they are used by the higher up authorities in corporates and offices. Executive chairs are also called director chairs often. They are built with a higher back with plenty of cushion for backrest, headrest, and seat. Executive chairs are generally made from fine materials and leather or PU (Polyurethane) leather to justify the magnificent look it is supposed to give.  Executive chairs are also available with ergonomic features for more comfort. They can be made with more functions like swivel, reclining, head and armrest adjustments on order.

Leather office chairs

Any chair used in offices for head position are called leather office chairs, they are generally made from PU (Polyurethane) Leather or bonded leather. They are offshoots of executive chairs and command respect. These chairs are common to find in market. Leather office chairs are a little on the higher side of the budget when compared with other commonly available office chairs like vinyl, fabric or mesh chairs.

Leather or PU chairs can also be available with functional features like swivel and height adjustment to make them more adaptive to use.

One thing to take care while buying genuine leather office chairs is to use leather cleaners to clean such chairs for keeping them protected with an additional layer and to keep them shiny in the long run.

Mesh office chairs

Mesh office chairs are one of common office chairs used in offices and educational institutions for workstations. The best benefit of mesh office chairs is the breathability of these chairs. They are made from net like fabric with cushion to give comfort and air circulation. Mesh chairs are easy to clean and do not require any specific maintenance. Mesh chairs are best for people who tend to sweat a lot while working. These chairs also come with ergonomically designed functions like lumbar support for minimizing backpain and swivel. Mesh chairs can be found on a higher side of budget or in budget depending on the material it is made from.

Visitor chair

Any chair, most commonly with steel or stainless steel structure with cushion for seat are called visitor chairs. There are hundreds of designs for visitor chairs in all budgets to choose from. Visitor chairs are used everywhere from offices, receptions, to waiting areas in shopping malls etc. Since visitor chairs are not meant to be used for long hours, these kind of chairs do not generally come with ergonomic features. Visitor chairs also do not have a specific head support and do not generally have seat, height or armrest adjustments. Visitor chairs may have cushion on seat or they can be without any cushion at all. Visitor chairs without cushions are very commonly used in Quick service restaurants where people keep coming and going in short periods of time.

Low back office chairs

Low back office chairs

Low back office chairs as the name suggests are chairs with a low height back support. Low back chairs provide support to the lower back and keep the body intact. These chairs do not have upper back support or headrest. These kind of chairs are quite common in some offices needing attentive individuals while working. Low back chairs are commonly used for standing tables to maintain the balance while sitting. Low back chairs can

Low back office chairs as the name suggests are chairs with a low height back support. Low back chairs provide support to the lower back and keep the body intact. These chairs do not have upper back support or headrest. These kind of chairs are quite common in some offices needing attentive individuals while working. Low back chairs are commonly used for standing tables to maintain the balance while sitting. Low back chairs can  come in variety of materials, it can be bond leather, PU, mesh or leather. Low back chairs are not ideal for long continuous hours of working if head support is required often. However, for some people who like to keep their heads free make work well with low back office chairs. Like other chairs, low back chairs can also come with common ergonomic features to increase the comfort while sitting.

Revolving chair

Any office chair with a swivel which enables it to revolve on wheels is a revolving chair. Revolving chair is an ergonomic feature in most of the office chairs these days. Revolving chairs allow fast movements from one place to another place in short distances and prevents you from standing again and again for picking many things or attending to more than one  workstations in vicinity of your office. From executive chair to low back chairs or mesh chairs, all of them can come under the category of revolving chairs. Revolving chairs are available in the market under any budget depending on the strength of revolving base used in a particular revolving office chair.

Big and Tall chairs

As the name suggests, big and tall chairs are on demand manufactured office chairs designed specifically for big and tall stature people. They are characterized by their heavy weight bearing capacity. These chairs come with everything bigger and with more strength than any average office chair. Big and tall chairs have wider seat, longer and wider backrest, higher headrest and more cushion to enable weight bearing and to provide better comfort. Since big and tall chairs are not for everybody, they are made on order and for that reason, they can come on a little higher side of the budget. Big and tall chairs can however come in any design from genuine leather base to mesh, PU or bonded leather. These chairs can be stationary or with a revolving base. They can also have ergonomic features like head, seat and armrest adjustments as demanded.

The market has hundreds of options when it comes to office chairs. Your choice of chair should match with your requirements so you only feel comfort and experience delight when sitting on your office chair. If you need help with your office interiors and office furniture and chairs in Jaipur, go on to RNG Furniture Website for better de

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