Bunk Beds in Jaipur

These beds are also known as Double Decker Beds, as they have two decks, instead of just one. Kids love these beds, and so will you once you realize how much space is saved. These are not just a purchase, but an investment, for your kids, as well as you. You don’t have to worry at all about the safety, as we placed a raised section around the mattress area. This ensures that the children can sleep peacefully, without any risk of falling down. Bunk Beds for kids are totally safe.
Once your kids outgrow the bed size, you can continue using them as bookshelves. The body is mostly made in wood, but we can create in metal as well.
RNG Furnitures can get you the best of the best in bunk beds, not only in Jaipur, but whole of Rajasthan. Our quality and prices are unmatched. We are trusted & reputed for serving thousands of customers in our long glorious career, spanning over 60 years.

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