Rustic table

Rustic tables are mostly used in cottages, cabins and cafes. This table is of wood and chairs are also designed by wood which gives a different look to your cottage, cabin and cafe. It creates a natural look to the dining area.

Laminate touch table

Laminate touch tables are mostly used in restaurants and pubs. The base of this table is generally made from steel. It also has a nice durability and different look to your restaurant. It will attract your customers. 

Industrial table

If anyone wants to build a dining area in the open garden then this table gives a wonderful look to your garden dining room. It is a simple wooden table with a metal base. Therefore, you can use any style of chairs with it.

Square table

Square tables are used in many places like home, cafe, cabins as well as many more. You can put any different style of chair with it. This table has more space to sit.

Freeform table

Freeform tables are mostly used for couples. Therefore, this table is made up of wooden tables with a base of wooden sticks. This table can also be called a study table.

Glass material table

Glass table material is one of the most beautiful designs of dining table sets in jaipur. It suits all different wall arts and is also easy to clean. This type of dining table is mostly used in homes and offices which gives a professional and unique look to your house and office. While buying a glass table top, always choose the tempered safety glass.

Marble dining table

This tables is mostly used in offices for lunch. Marble can be moulded in any shape which you want. Marble is white in colour so you can decorate it with different colour beads and flowers and many more. 

Contemporary table

Contemporary tables are mostly found in modular homes. This table is made from glass, breakable plastic or any other material. It gives a beautiful, attractive, different, as well as popular look to your dining room as well as your house.

Metal table

Metal tables are one of the stylish tables which gives a cool touch to your dining table. This table is smaller in size. This table is used in homes as well as offices. 

Pedestal based table

The base of this table is strong and can bear any weight of the material. However, this table is perfect for r rich class families. It gives a unique, attractive as well as vintage look to your dining room.