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U-Shaped y9 Kitchen


To develop kitchen areas that is innovative, distinct, and also one-of-a-kind expressions of your lifestyle, while additionally permitting you the option of creating your very own kitchen through the arrangement of the very best parts readily available

We give solutions for creating the modular cooking areas according to the options and also choices of our customers in Jaipur. These modular kitchen in Jaipur areas can be set up & taken down in minimal time, therefore remove the enhancement expense and also time eaten in making of dealt with kitchen areas. For making these cooking areas, we utilize modular furnishings, which is made by our master craftsmen in elegant along with typical appearance.

We are popular cooking area layout expert, industrial kitchen area organizers, dining establishment kitchen area developer offering solutions like cooking area making solutions that varies from conceiving the format, installation of gas container pipelines, indoor ducting, acquiring best kitchen area devices to creating, cordless dining establishment monitoring system as well as establishing of the kitchen area for resorts, dining establishments and also lunchroom and so on.

As a result of our company commitment and also sector competence, we create cooking areas with the useful, budget plan and also visual requirements in mind of our clients. Nonetheless, this solution does not finish with the establishing of cooking area as well as the devices called for.

What is a modular kitchen?

In simple words, modular kitchens are smaller aesthetically appealing optimized box like storage sections joined together to put together a kitchen which is highly functional and uplifts the overall interior of your house while providing all the storage keeping for all your needs of a standard kitchen. Another advantage of modular kitchens is that they are available in ready to install or pre designed formats, hence taking off the burden of designing your kitchen intricately while building your house, and making them very convenient solution to a highly efficient, functional and appealing kitchen.

Why do you need a modular kitchen?

Affordable with multiple choices

Evolution of anything makes it better at adapting, same has happened with modular kitchens. Modular kitchens are now more affordable and come with multiple options to choose from the material you want your modular sections to be made.

6 different types of modular kitchens in jaipur we offer

There are 6 types of modular kitchens which are quite prevalent in the market, they are- L shaped Modular Kitchens, Straight Modular Kitchen, U shaped Modular Shape, Parallel Modular Kitchen, Island Modular Kitchen, and G shaped Modular Kitchen. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages and they all depend on different needs, so while selecting a modular kitchen, keep your needs defined and space available in mind.

L shaped Modular Kitchen in jaipur

This is the kind of kitchen that most of us have in our houses that is, it is the most popular. Even small, compact flats can accommodate an L shaped Modular kitchen in jaipur. So, it is the most popular for it is highly versatile and it provides easy mobility across the kitchen from one section to other, saving confusion and time.

U-shaped Modular Kitchen in jaipur

It is the second most popular set up in a kitchen and again is more promising for its increase space utilizations and easy mobility. Here you have 3 sections connected forming the shape U. It is preferred in large space kitchens and for big families.

Bonus point is that it even leaves some place for you to set your dining table in it.

Straight Modular Kitchen or one slab kitchens in jaipur

These kitchens have all their furniture, sink, fridge, cabinets in one straight line, as the name suggests. This kind of modular kitchen is perfect for studio apartments, for their least usage of space but they can be used in houses for their straight appealing look.Bonu

Bonus point is, this set up leaves enough space for putting a dining table of apt size to suit the size of your family.

Parallel Modular Kitchen in jaipur

 This kind of modular kitchen has 2 parallel slabs running across, most often with two walls. They are highly efficient work management and can have plenty of space to keep appliances and utensils.

Bonus point is, if you are fond of having a balcony beside your kitchen.  You can use the passage between the parallel modular sections to enter your balcony.

Island Modular Kitchen in jaipur

 This kind of modular kitchen is quite contemporary and is best suitable for bigger spaces. Basically it has a fixed wall section and one section accessible from 4 sides. The fixed section can be an L shaped modular section or U shaped modular section or even Straight modular section. So, this island section of the modular kitchen is generally used for keeping prepared dishes and adds immensely to the storage cabinets in your modular kitchen.

Bonus point is you can use your island section of the modular kitchen even for sink and show off your antique plumbing fitting.

G shaped or Peninsula Modular Kitchen in jaipur

This modular kitchen is a combination of U shaped modular section with an island section attached to the main modular section. Hence it is very similar to the island modular kitchen, the difference being, the added modular section is not accessible from 4 sides and it occupies much lesser space than an island modular kitchen.

Note- The layout of your modular kitchen is your decision, your culture and best suited to your place Jaipur, Rajsthan. So it doesn’t have to be limited to these more popular 6 kinds of modular kitchens. We encourage you to design your own modular kitchen depending on your needs and RNG Furniture will make what is best suitable to your expectations.

Different types of Finishes available for Modular Kitchens :

  1. Laminate Finish– Laminate finish is budget friendly and most common finish for Kitchen cabinets. They imitate a very high end Kitchen set up as they’re available in a larger number of textures. Laminate finish generally comes in two varieties.

    1. High gloss laminate– This laminate has a special shiny texture to give a glossy look hence they’re an alternative to acrylic and PU finish.
    2. Matt finish laminate– Matt texture is specially famous among people in Jaipur, Rajasthan for its affordability and number of varieties it comes in, be it solid colors or digital patterns or wooden finish. It also requires less cleaning as compared to gloss finish.
  2. Melamine Finish– It is a manufactured wood and is known for strength hence gives a long life to your kitchen. It is scratch resistant, water resistant and moisture repellant. Melamine is aesthetically flexible and can fit into any interior design.

  1. Acrylic Finish– Acrylic is a high gloss, reflective finish. It gives a modern, deep shiny look to your kitchen without ripples and has water repellent properties.  That’s why, it is particularly known for its durability, hence particularly suitable for people of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Why RNG Furniture Kitchen :

  • RNG Furniture Kitchen incorporates the latest trends in modular kitchens keeping the Indian cooking habits in mind.
  • All the products are factory made on high quality precision machines in Technologically Advanced Manufacturing Facility. This gives them a fine finish of the best quality.
  • We source the kitchen components, hardware and kitchen accessories from Jaipur, Rajasthan.
  • The products of RNG Furniture conform to all prescribed standards in designing and quality and are recognized for their superior standards, workability and long-lasting strength.
  • RNG Furniture has its In-house team of Qualified Designers, Planners and Supervisors for Modular Kitchen Projects.
  • We undertake Turnkey Projects and we have more than eight years experience in Modular Kitchens industry.
  • Our kitchens are crafted to enable maximum work in minimum time with optimal space utilization. Each kitchen is created uniquely to match the needs of those who use it!
  • At RNG Furniture Kitchens, we provide you with a huge number of superior design options right in front of you to choose from in a gamut of colours and finishes.
  • Since we have interior designers to provide complete designing services for your kitchen. It is possible to find the best options for optimum space utilization.
  • The design done with the help of a software, is of high precision, so everything is pre planned and accurate.
  • When you order a modular kitchen from MoBEL, all it takes is a couple of days for installation. You will not only receive limited warranty period but also ensure that your kitchen remains in perfect working.
  • Our vision is to design kitchens that are creative, distinctive and a unique expressions of your lifestyle. While allowing you the choice of designing your own kitchen through the provision of the best components available.
  • However, we assure you of prompt and On-time delivery and adherence to deadlines.
  • After Sales Service provided by our dedicated customer care department.
  • We have a large number of satisfied clients including top corporates, Govt. organizations and individuals.
  • We give you just the right recipe for the perfectly warm and efficient kitchen that you have always desired.