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With RNG Office Furniture in Jaipur, you don’t need ultra-sophisticated interior for your workplace. As, it’s designed to provide best ergonomics, chiseled aesthetics along with the utmost comfort. Whether it’s well-ordered corporate office or tricksy startup, our furniture are always an ideal fit for every workplace. 

 RNG furniture has over 50 options in office chairs, each with different purpose to serve. From executive chairs, visitor chairs to meeting room steel chairs and ergonomic chairs, office chairs we have all of them.

RNG Office Furniture  in Jaipur is one of the leading and fast growing designers and manufacturers of Office desking, seating and storage solutions. RNG Furniture strives to bring exclusive range of designer office furniture to its clients. The extensive portfolio of desks, seating and storage range offered by us caters to all kinds of contemporary office design and theme.

RNG Furniture is an acclaimed quality office furniture manufacturer in Jaipur, Rajasthan. With experience of about 60 years in office furniture manufacturing, RNG furniture has provided furniture solutions to big giants in Jaipur, Rajasthan government being an honourable client. It has a legacy in making office making and it does justify the position by putting its ultimate priority on keeping up with the new trends in the furniture industry and engineer designs that are customer centric.

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The solutions provided by RNG Office Furniture are made from high quality raw materials but have a low environmental impact. We believe that every organization is unique and continuously needs to improvise its services. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we have set out to challenge ourselves; not just to make and supply the best office furniture, but also to deliver real solutions and to encourage newer and better ways of working. Today, RNG Office Furniture in Jaipur reaches out to layout designing and Project Managers all over India with their exemplary after-sales services and timely delivery.

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                      RNG Furniture welcome you to visit our display center. Feel free to navigate around to peruse through our products without the pressure of a sales team.


We offer a wide range of modular workstations and office chair to make your workplace look modern and classy.

Office Furniture Manufacturer

We are India’s leading office furniture manufacturer and pioneers of modern furniture designs. It deals in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of office and sports furniture – panel based workstations, desk based workstations, executive tables, files and storages, cafe and lounge furniture, seating and training room solutions, auditorium and stadium solutions, and carpets.

RNG furnitures had ventured into the office furniture in jaipur market with the aim of meeting the growing need of office space in the government sector.

we have an art of class combined office and manufacturing premises of 50,000 sq. ft. near JECRC University, Sitapura, Jaipur, it is now capable of producing world-class workstations, desks, tables, storages and latest customized modular office furniture. Indo Innovations has always believed in investing in people. With a highly motivated team at its core, the happy client list has extended from the government sector to the corporate world.

We aspire to be the most preferred office furniture solution provider that can meet the needs of our customers throughout India.

What is office Furniture?

Office furniture is simply the collection of necessary furniture that is used in an office to ease out the work. Workplace furniture is necessary to set up the environment which is conducive of focus and productivity of all employees who work there.
Office furniture includes Desk, Chair, Office Sofa, Conference/Meeting Hall table, storage, cupboards, lockers etc.

What are the different kinds of office furniture RNG Furniture, provides?

Life is all about choices, so is furniture, so we provide you a wide variety of options to choose your best fit from. All our office furniture offerings are listed below-

Executive Desk in Jaipur- Executive desk is a strong, spacious table top, strong built, enough storage desk/tables used most often by Executives, CEOs, Company heads etc.
Workstation in Jaipur- Workstations are storage providing, less spacious table top than executive desk, tables which come in different varieties, from a simple office workstation to an intricate home office workstation. They sure have to suit the vibe of the place they are used in.

Work From Home Desk in Jaipur- The new era is of working from home and hence makes work from home furniture a must have. Work from home furniture includes a workstation which has laptop charging slots, storage for your important files and accessories and a comfortable chair to keep you active and comfortable even after long hours of work.

Chair in Jaipur- RNG furniture has over 50 options in office chairs, each with different purpose to serve. From executive chairs, visitor chairs to meeting room steel chairs and ergonomic chairs, office chairs we have all of them.

Conference Hall Chairs in Jaipur- Conference Hall chairs are the chairs for a meeting, they are generally made from stainless steel structure. RNG furniture has a wide collection of conference hall chairs that go perfect with the choice of conference table you choose.

Conference Table in Jaipur- Conference table is a large table often improvised to have laptop charging slots to organize a meeting that goes uninterrupted, for getting one for your office, check out our collection.

Office Desk in Jaipur- Your employees need a desk to bring their ideas into life with efficient work space that raises the standards of their work and your company. Check out our collection.

Office Sofa or Couch in Jaipur- Office reception is incomplete without a welcome office sofa or couch in it. Complete your reception and seating area by purchasing a sofa that lasts long. Drop in at our store and take the feel.

Cabinets and safe in Jaipur- Cabinets are a trend to keep your office work papers organized and give each employee room to clean the desk. They’re simply essential. Check out our collection on our website or our store.

How to buy better office furniture?

The trick to buy a good office furniture is to first know your needs, the place you want to buy office furniture for you, the capacity and set the budget.
Second, furniture is a long term commitment so it is best to go for quality furniture which RNG Furniture manufacturers are known for in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Few checkpoints that make the best of office furniture-

  • Comfortable Chair
  • Spacious workstation
  • Compartmented cupboards/safes
  • Latest trends to fit the mood of your business.

Why buy office furniture from RNG Furniture Manufacturers?

Long experience in Furniture Manufacturing-
When buying furniture which is a long term investment, it is best to count on experience of someone who has been in the business and seen all trends come and go. RNG furniture with about 60 years of experience is certainly the furniture manufacturer you want to bank upon.

Best furniture manufacturer in Jaipur-
Since RNG furniture is a furniture manufacturer, there is no need to rope in any dealer, you can contact us directly or order products on our website or you can choose to check out the collection yourself at out store in Jaipur.

Showroom in Jaipur and Feasibility to order from Website-
Being a very old and wise duck in the furniture manufacturing business, RNG furniture is available both- online and offline. We have our showroom in Sitapura Extention where we display our furniture so you can take a feel of the quality and tell us your expectations so we can craft them into the furniture that you desire. We understand that it is the world of technology hence we provide our esteemed customers with the option to choose their furniture from the comfort of their home, by ordering online from our website in just 3 simple steps with easy payment solutions.

Factory Price Office Furniture-
We have a knack for bringing your expectations into life by designing and engineering what is best for you at factory price.

Strong customers base in Jaipur, Rajasthan-
Furniture has a name in furniture manufacturing in Jaipur, that speaks of itself. We have delivered satisfying quality to each and every customer from over one lakhs of customers that we have served in about last 60 years. RNG Furniture was honoured to have some very strong and influential clients in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Rajasthan government, PWD department, Corporate giants in Jaipur to name a few. Check out our client base on our website.