School Furniture in jaipur

RNG Furniture System is a one-stop-solution for all kinds of chairs for schools, day care facilities, labs, library, kinder gardens as well as coaching classes. The different kinds of chairs available with us are aesthetically designed, colourful and extremely durable.

RNG Furniture Manufacturer are your one-stop source for all your school furniture needs. However, we design and create school furniture that meets you and your student’s need and requirement efficiently. So we offer a variety of classroom furniture, cupboards for storage, and play equipment and educational toys for kindergarten. As school furniture manufacturer, our school furniture is of high quality, good durability and designed keeping in mind the comfort and health of your students.

School furniture is daily used equipment for students that help them in learning and it keeps them comfortable all day. For students the most important furniture items are the ones on which they sit on, work at, eat, learn new things, as well as see their work displayed.

Why we need various school furniture 

Our craftsmen strive to design creative and comfortable furniture that helps enhance your students’ learning activities. As school furniture manufacturer we want students to stay motivated and focused towards their studies.

  • Desks and chairs are designed specifically keeping in mind the health of your student and it is also important for them to sit straight and maintain their postures. Because crouching positions and uncomfortable chairs can make them uncomfortable and irritated. This will distract them from their studies and might also affect their health which will be unfortunate.
  • Cupboards are designed for each classroom to store all the work of your students and it also helps them or their teachers to extract it whenever they need to. Therefore, they are also designed to be creative to enhance the environment of the class and motivate the student themselves to be creative and focused.
  • Blackboards designed by us are not simple black sheets waiting to be filled. They are built with special artistic touch pleasant for the class environment. However, the surface of our blackboards is as dull as possible because the glossy and shiny surface can make it difficult for a student to see what is actually written on it and even affect their eyesight.

A study shows that standard sized furniture is not suitable for school furniture items specifically desks and chair. So our school furniture comes with the option of adjustability and allows all students to adjust it to their needs and requirement. We, at RNG Furniture, ensure that students can study in a comfortable position as uncomfortable furniture does not disturb their learning experience or affect their health negatively.

Which type of decoram school furniture provide to your school

If you’re looking for School Furniture in Jaipur, Rajasthan, then you are at the right place. Moreover, RNG Furniture is your one stop solution for all school furniture including seating desk, laboratory tables, chairs, computer desks, teachers’ desk, as well as play furniture. With long experience, RNG furniture is a school furniture manufacturer that encourages students to stay motivated and focused on their studies by making school furniture that is suitable for students.

RNG Furniture is well renowned name for School Furniture in Jaipur, Rajasthan. With experience of about 60 years in School Furniture manufacturing, RNG furniture has provided school furniture solutions to many honourable schools in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

RNG furniture stays up to date with new trends and developments in the furniture industry as its ultimate priority is to surpass the expectations of every customer. So, RNG Furniture engineers its products which are customer centric and made for long term use.

Therefore, we make customized classroom desks for adjustments depending on student preferences to ensure learning doesn’t stop because of discomfort.

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School Furniture in jaipur

FROM PRE SCHOOL TO GRADUATE SCHOOL – THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM OF EDUCATION FURNITURE needs are brought to you with turn-key ease. Therefore, each of our products offer infinite furniture solutions for living, working and learning, and we’re confident that our comprehensive furniture options will have just what you’re looking for.

What is School Furniture?

All furniture that is used in a school for the comfort and interiors of a school is School Furniture. School furniture is daily use furniture for school students and it is immensely useful in aiding efficient learning and provides comfort for students.

School furniture is further categorized as Sitting Desks, Cupboards, Laboratory tables, chairs.

What are the different kinds of School Furniture RNG Furniture, makes?

School is a place to aid learning and hence school furniture is not merely a furniture for students to use, it is equipment that enhances comfort and learning of a school.

So we provide you a wide variety of options in every category of furniture to choose your best fit. All our school furniture offerings are listed below-

Sitting desk-

Classroom furniture is the most important furniture of a school, it includes sitting desk and cupboards. A classroom desk is a combination of seating and workstation for students. We have a wide collection of different designs of desk you can choose from. Further, check our collection at our website or drop in at our store in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Laboratory Table-

Just as a class needs seating, school laboratories require large tables to display the experiment and provides place to encourage group tasks and discussions. Check our collection at our website or drop in at our store in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Every desk needs a chair. With the vast collection of different designs of chairs, RNG furniture provides great choice to choose school chair, from executive chair to students’ lab chair, every chair is designed to provide comfort. Being a furniture manufacturer we have it all. Check our collection at our website or drop in at our store in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Every class, staff room, office rooms in school need cupboards or storage solutions. RNG furniture manufacturer provides the feasibility to customize cupboards on demand. Check our collection at our website or drop in at our store in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Kindergarten Furniture-

Young children have their minds in fast growth stage, they need equipment to learn by doing and that is where Kindergarten furniture plays a big role in shaping the next generation. Kindergarten furniture like play library, toddler chairs a desks, cupboards help them grow faster. Check our collection at our website or drop in at our store in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

How to buy better School furniture?

School furniture is a necessity furniture for school. It adds to the standard of any school. Hence it is highly important to invest in school furniture that provides both- Comfort and Style. Here are a few checkpoints to follow while buying School Furniture-

  • Purchase the furniture that matches the theme of your school.
  • Check latest trends and developments in the school interior designing.
  • Never compromise on the comfort.
  • Buy all furniture that complements every other piece in terms of color, style and making material.

Why buy House furniture from RNG Furniture Manufacturers?

Long experience in Furniture Manufacturing-

When buying furniture which is a long term investment. It is best to count on experience of someone who has been in the business and seen all trends come and go. RNG furniture with about 60 years of experience is certainly the furniture manufacturer you want to bank upon.

Best furniture manufacturer in Jaipur-

Since RNG furniture is a furniture manufacturer itself , there is no need to rope in any dealer. So, you can contact us directly or order products on our website or you can choose to check out the collection yourself at out store in Jaipur.

Showroom in Jaipur and Feasibility to order online from Website-

Being a very old and wise duck in the furniture manufacturing business, RNG furniture is available both- online and offline. We have our showroom in Sitapura Extention, where we display our furniture so you can take a feel of the quality and tell us your expectations so we can craft them into the furniture that you desire. We understand that it is the world of technology hence we provide our esteemed customers with the option to choose their furniture from the comfort of their home, by ordering online from our website in just 3 simple steps with easy payment solutions.

Factory Price Home Furniture-

We have a knack for bringing your expectations into life by designing and engineering what is best for you at factory price.

Strong customers base in Jaipur, Rajasthan-

RNG Furniture has a name in furniture manufacturing in Jaipur, that speaks of itself. We have delivered satisfying quality to each and every customer from over one lakhs of customers that we have served in about last 60 years from in and around Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Best kind of school is a school where you learn by doing and such a school is incomplete without school furniture that invigorates students’s health and studies both at the same time