RNG Furniture Manufacturer are your one-stop source for all your school furniture needs. We design and create school furniture that meets your and your student’s needs and requirements efficiently. We offer a variety of classroom furniture, cupboards for storage, and play equipment and educational toys for kindergarten. As school furniture manufacturer, our school furniture is of high quality, good durability and designed keeping in mind the comfort and health of your students.

School furniture is daily used equipment for students that help them in learning and it keeps them comfortable all day. For students the most important furniture items are the ones on which they sit on, work at, eat, learn new things, and see their work displayed.

Our craftsmen strive to design creative and comfortable furniture that helps enhance your students’ learning activities. As school furniture manufacturer we want students to stay motivated and focused towards their studies.

  • Desks and chairs are designed specifically keeping in mind the health of your student and it is also important for them to sit straight and maintain their postures. Because crouching positions and uncomfortable chairs can make them uncomfortable and irritated. This will distract them from their studies and might also affect their health which will be unfortunate.
  • Cupboards are designed for each classroom to store all the work of your students and it also helps them or their teachers to extract it whenever they need to. They are also designed to be creative to enhance the environment of the class and motivate the student themselves to be creative and focused.
  • Blackboards designed by us are not simple black sheets waiting to be filled. They are built with special artistic touch pleasant for the class environment. However, the surface of our blackboards is as dull as possible because the glossy and shiny surface can make it difficult for a student to see what is actually written on it and even affect their eyesight.

A study shows that standard sized furniture is not suitable for school furniture items specifically desks and chair. So our school furniture comes with the option of adjustability and allows all students to adjust it to their needs and requirement. We, at RNG Furniture, ensure that students can study in a comfortable position as uncomfortable furniture does not disturb their learning experience or affect their health negatively.


We Manufacturing and Trading an impeccable compilation of Hotel Furniture, Banquet Furniture, Restaurant Furniture, Office Chair, Workstation Chair, Visitor Chair, Cafeteria Chair and many more. 

School Furniture

FROM PRE SCHOOL TO GRADUATE SCHOOL – THE ENTIRE SPECTRUM OF EDUCATION FURNITURE needs are brought to you with turn-key ease. Each of our products offer infinite furniture solutions for living, working and learning, and we’re confident that our comprehensive furniture options will have just what you’re looking for.

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We aspire to be the most preferred office furniture solution provider that can meet the needs of our customers throughout India.

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