Steel Furniture

The company is engaged in manufacturing of best quality and heavier thickness slotted angle racks, mezzanine floors, library racks, super market racks, heavy duty racks, mobile racks and accessories for more than 10 years.

Manufacturer of Slotted Angles and Accessories


ModelHeight (upto)Thickness
40 X 40 MM10 Feet2.0 MM
60 X 40 MM10 Feet2.0 MM
80 X 40 MM10 Feet2.5 MM
Standard colour : Grey

Power coated products are available on request.

Slotted Angle is the most versatile, time and cost effective construction material available for building carts, ladders, benches, shelving, cases, racks or any other type of structure. Made of either 12 or 14 gauge roll-formed steel. Slotted Angle is finished in Gray Enamel Paint or Corrosion Resistant Powder Coating Finish


Std Size (mm)Gauge Available
900 X 3001200 X 30022,20,19,18,16
900 X 3751200 X 375
900 X 4501200 X 450
900 X 6001200 X 600
Standard colour : Grey

Power coated products are available on request. Manufactured in various sizes according to customers requirement.


Shelf (LxW) mmLoad capacity / Shelf (kg) without StiffenerLoad capacity / Shelf (kg) with Stiffener
900 X 30050 – 11080 – 140
900 X 375
900 X 450
900 X 600
1150 x 30035- 5565 – 85
1150 x 375
1150 x 450
1150 x 600


Slotted Angle Storage System is ideal for the manual storage of light loads and even relatively heavy ones. They are totally dismountable and can be modified or expanded height and lengthwise.

This system covers all storage requirements ranging from totally planned requirements to the most immediate. Advantages :